You must connect to a RTSA product to view data in the S240 GUI application. The application detects any RTSA devices that are on the same subnet of your network, but you must explicitly select one to complete the connection.

Note: Establish only one connection per RTSA device. Accessing another device that is
in used would disconnect any existing capture process or change the settings of that


1.    Launch the S240 GUI application from your computer's Start menu or desktop icon shortcut (if installed). The application will display an Open Device window.

2.    Select a RTSA device from the list of “Devices Detected on Local Network”. If a RTSA device of interest is not on the list, you can either click the Refresh button to update the list or enter the IP address of the device manually in the
Manually Enter Device IP field.

3.    Click Connect.
The S240 GUI application connects to the RTSA device and displays the user interface. By default, the RTSA device acquires and measures signals automatically using the default S240 start-up settings.

4.    If you want to connect to a different RTSA product, click on the File menu and select Open Device. The application will display the Open Device window. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to connect to a new device.