The ThinkRF WSA5000 provides a built-in facility that allows the end-user to load a customized calibration file to the WSA unit. A calibration file is used to map the reference levels against various radio parameter settings and physical parameters, such as frequency, temperature, and insertion loss of the attenuator. A customized calibration file allows the end-user to optimize the unit specifically for the intended user application. It can be used to reduce the effect of unit-to-unit variation and to enhance the parameters that

are most important to the end-user application.

This application note is intended to assist the end-user in performing the calibration process over the frequency. A step-by-step calibration procedure is provided below. The procedure assumes that the user is familiar with operating the WSA5000 including how to communicate with and control the unit using SCPI commands (referring to WSA5000's User Guide and Programmer's Guide as required).