The S240 RTSA application allows you to play back a previously recorded signal. The .csv file containing the signal data must be located on the PC that is hosting the RTSA application.

  1. Click the Load Data button to access the Load Data soft panel.
  2. Click Load Data.
    The application opens a Explorer window, defaulting to the location of the last saved CSV file.
  3. Select the .csv file you want to play, and click Open.         
    The RTSA application loads the signal data and plays back the recorded signal continuously, in loopback mode. Use Continuous or Single Capture to control the playback. Measurements could be applied to the playback data as well.
  4. To stop playback of the recorded file, you must do one of the following:
  • open a different file for playback (repeat step 1)
  • reconnect to the device (using the File > Open Device option)
  • exit the S240 RTSA application