1. Introduction 

Please see attachment for firmware file and release note.

This is version 1.0.1 of the firmware for the ThinkRF R5700 real-time spectrum analyzer. This firmware is ThinkRF part number 55-0035, dated 20 August 2018. 

This product is distributed as a single binary file, ThinkRF_R5700_firmware_v1-0-1.img. 

This version of the R5700 firmware is compatible with all ThinkRF R5700 products with compatibility level 2. 

2 Fixed Defects 

The following defects are fixed in this release. 

1) There was a difference in configuration between the factory firmware installation application and the version 1.0.0 firmware kernel related to flash memory sector size. This would cause the factory firmware installation to fail on some memory components. 

3 New Features 

No new features or capabilities were added to this version. 

4 Known Issues and Limitations 

Following are the known limitations or other issues present in this version. 1) This version of firmware increments the compatibility level. As such it is NOT POSSIBLE to downgrade to a previous firmware version. Doing so might cause the fixed defect listed in section 2 to manifes.

How to update firmware? Please use same steps in Updating the R5500's Firmware