ThinkRF P120 is a small form factor Vehicular Power Conditioner (VPC) product, designed to provide a regulated and stable +12VDC (±5%) 36W power source to electrical equipments, including ThinkRF RTSA products, employed in a vehicular environment. The VPC is design to protect the equipment from vehicular power transients. 

The P120 outputs a single regulated +12VDC under different input voltages ranging from +8V to +32V, but can easily be modified for different output voltages (contact ThinkRF for alternatives). 

The inputs and outputs are provided via strain-relieved 16 AWG cables with 2-pin ML-XT Molex connectors. 

The product has been tested to meet high and low temperature requirements, shock, and vibration based on MIL-STD-PRF-28800. 

Please find P120 User Guide in the attachment.