This article describes version 2.1.0 release of the LabVIEW API for ThinkRF Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA). 

The release distribution is included in a compressed zip folder. See the included README.txt or the PDF in the Documentation\ folder as a starting point, including the product support list and installation instruction. 

Download ThinkRF RTSA LabVIEW API v2.1.0

Download Release notes

Mar 01, 2021 Update:

It's important to download C++ API latest release here, and replace the DLLs in LabVIEW API v2.1.0 above with the new DLLs provided in the C++ API package.  

Then see the "Change Log.txt" in the package for the explanation of what has been changed for the DLL since LabVIEW's last release in May 2019.  The C++ API's examples & "Reference Guide" will provide further useful usage information.  The LabVIEW API's functions and examples have not been updated to make use of some of the new functions provided in the DLL (especially, for example, functions for the stream capture mode).