To run an example using MS VS2017 or higher with the *.a library provided in the C API, here are the settings needed:

- Open the Properties of the project in VS

- Select General and set Platform Toolset to "Windows7.1SDK"

- Under C/C++:

    + select General, and in Additional Include Directories, made sure you have added <your_dir_path_C-API>\include;

    + in Preprocessor, add to Preprocessor Definitions this _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS;

    + to avoid getting LIBCMT conflict warning, in Code Generation, you might want to change Runtime Library to use /MT option

    + in Precompiled Header, set Precompiled Header to use Not Using Precompiled Headers


- Under Linker,

    + in Input, add to Additional Dependencies these: WS2_32.lib;<your_dir_path_C-API>\libwsa32.a;

If a *.lib library is preferred, please contact thinkRF's support.

If other tools are used, ensure your project is pointed to /include and *.a files properly.