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1 Introduction 

This document describes version 1.1.0 of the firmware for the ThinkRF R57x0 family of real-time spectrum analyzers.  It is distributed as a single binary file, ThinkRF_R5700_firmware_v1-1-0.img. 

This version of the R5700 firmware is compatible with all ThinkRF R57x0 products, including R5700 (all models) and R5750 (all models).

2 Fixed Defects
The following defects have been fixed in this version: 

  1. The GNSS module is now properly initialized at system startup. 
  2. An error was fixed that caused invalid self-signed SSL certificates to be generated. 
  3. The “*RST” command now causes the PPS reference to revert to GNSS. The SCPI command “:SOURCE:REFERENCE:PPS” can now be used to change this setting. 
  4. The SCPI commands “:TRACE:BLOCK:PACKETS? MAX” and “... MIN” now take into account DD mode, decimation and frequency shift. 

3 New Features
The following new features and capabilities were added to this version:

  1. Four new SCPI commands were added – two to control GNSS antenna delay (“GNSS:ADELAY?” and “GNSS:ADELAY”) and two to control constellation selection (“GNSS:CONStellation?” and “GNSS:CONStellation”). See the Programmer’s Guide for further details. 
  2. The R5750 products are now supported.
  3. This version includes all features and fixes from R5500 firmware v1.6.1, so these two versions are now equivalent. 
  4. SCPI block transfer commands were added, to allow storage of correction data that supports spectral flattening in the APIs.
  5. Added support for sample loss indicator in the VRT trailer.

4 Known Issues and Limitations 

No know issues or limitations.

How to update firmware? Please use same steps in Updating the R5500's Firmware