This article describes the version 4.0.0 release of the MATLAB API for ThinkRF Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA). The release package is included in a compressed zip folder. See the API Reference Guide included in \documentation folder as a starting point. 

The API is set to run with \include\Dll\rtsaInterface.dll, a 64-bit version. To use the API in 32-bit MATLAB, copy the DLL files from \include\Dllx32 to \include\Dll folder. 

This version is compatible with all ThinkRF R5xx0 products, including R55x0 (all models) and R57x0 (all models). 

Fixed Defects 

The following issues are fixed in this version. 

     1. N/A 

New Features 

The following new features and capabilities were added to this version. 

     1. This is the first release of RTSA MATLAB API v4.0.0 with features to perform device configuration for trace and sweep capture, and data processing. It is a completely new MATLAB API approach as compared to MATLAB API v3.x.x. Therefore, it is not backward compatible. 

Known Issues and Limitations 

Following are the known limitations or other issues present in this version. 

     1. This version supports R57x0 products, however, no GNSS specific methods and examples are created for these products yet. At the moment, use setSCPI() method if needed. A near future release will include them. 

Download MATLAB API V4.0.0

View Release notes

See attached MATLAB Reference Guide