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1 Introduction


This document describes version 4.1.0 release of the MATLAB API for ThinkRF Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA). The release package is included in a compressed zip folder. See the API Reference Guide included in \documentation folder as a starting point. 

The API is set to run with \include\Dll\rtsaInterface.dll, a 64-bit version. To use the API in 32-bit MATLAB, copy the DLL files from \include\Dllx32 to \include\Dll folder. 

This version is compatible with all ThinkRF R5xx0 products, including R55x0 (all models) and R57x0 (all models). 

2 Fixed Defects


The following issues are fixed in this version. 

    1. Included many fixes mentioned in C++ API DLL v1.5.2 release. 3 New Features The following new features and capabilities were added to this version. 1. Added loadDLL.m which is used to pre-load the DLL into an mfile called rtsaInterfaceLib.m instead (as included in the 'api' folder). This method reduces the need of loading the DLL at each run time, hence, speed up the processing time of example scripts or application significantly. See loadDLL.m if needed to update the rtsaInterfaceLib.m with a new DLL for instance.

    2. The following new methods, most target toward RTSA R57x0 products with GNSS module: 

        a) enableGNSS() 

        b) getGNSSStatus() 

        c) getGNSSPosition() 

        d) getGNSSFixSource() 

        e) setGNSSAntennaDelay() 

        f) getGNSSAntennaDelay() 

        g) setGNSSConstellation() 

        h) getGNSSConstellation() 

        i) setReferencePPS() 

        j) getReferencePPS() 

        k) readGNSSContextPkt() 

        l) getReadAccess() 

        m) armTraceCapture() 

        n) traceCaptureAndContext() 

        o) captureTraceSpectrumAndContext() 

        p) readVRTPacket() 

    3. Added new structs to handle VRT context, including that of GNSS: 

        a) vrt_header 

        b) vrt_context 

        c) vrt_gnss_geolocn 

See the end of rtsaInterfaceLib.m file for the list of struct members. 

    4. Added new script examples: 

        a) readIQandGNSSData.m 

        b) captureTraceSpectrumAndGNSS.m 

    5. Added a readPersist option to setTraceLevelTrigger() to allow for number of times to retry reading data socket. 

    6. Added IQ imbalance correction for ZIF mode. 


    7. Added errorCodes.m file to \definitions folder to handle particular warning or error codes from the underlying DLL. In this release, WARNING_SOCKETTIMEOUT (code -20201) has been added. 

4 Other Changes


    1. Read acquisition is now needed at the beginning of your application so that if data read is done within a loop, this query is not repeated. To get the read access, the code line would be as such: % Get read acquisition [~, ~] = Interface.getReadAccess(); 

    2. Changed all 'double' to 'single' in the API & examples. 

    3. Improved errors handling. 

    4. Included many changes mentioned in C++ API DLL v1.5.2 release. 

    5. Examples have been updated to reflect the changes. 

5 Known Issues and Limitations 


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