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1 Introduction 

This article describes the release versions 3.8.3 of the ThinkRF C language Application Programming Interface (API) for command, control and data acquisition using ThinkRF Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA) products. See the “Change Log.txt” included in the release package for the record of the current and past releases. 

This product is distributed as a single file archive in .zip format containing Microsoft Windows library file (.a and .lib) in 32- and 64-bit, interface (.h) files, and example files. 

This version is compatible with the following RTSA products with the associated models 408, 408P, 418, 427: 

  • R5500 / R5550 / R5700 / R5750 
  • Legacy products WSA5000 

2 Fixed Defects 

The following issues have been fixed in this version: 

  1. Sweep-device's data output for RTSAs with flattening vectors is corrected for spectral inversion (this was affected when inversion was handled in time-domain instead of frequency -domain). 

3 New Features 

The following new features and capabilities were added: 

  1. None 

4 Other Changes 

The following other changes were made: 

  1. Significant changes to sweep-device, including: 
    1. spectral data output of wsa_capture_power_spectrum() now matched that of user's requested stop frequency, adjusted to the tuning resolution. 
    2. the fstop_actual (as always done with fstart_actual) is adjusted to the tuning resolution of the RTSA, hence it might be different than that of the user's. 
    3. simplified and improved sweep points and stitching including handling data in DD range, which now has a usable range of 100kHz to 50 MHz. 
    4. improved precision of frequency mapping accuracy (spectral data points mapping). e) removed unneeded FFT shift for I-only data. 
  2. Improved the peak frequency result of psd_peak_find(). 
  3. Changed the REFLEVEL_OFFSET from -15 to -16 (actual value is -15.7678) to improve the dBm level. 
  4. Created “Change Log.txt” to record the notes of past and new changes in one file. 

5 Known Issues and Limitations 

The following are known limitations or other issues present in this version. 

  1. Usage of some sweep-device's RBWs (such as 2kHz) for wsa_capture_power_spectrum() could result in a slow sweep (when compared to 1kHz) due to the FFT function usage that is not optimized for non-power of 2 FFT length. Hence, when RBW values that give raise to FFT length at or closer to power of 2, the sweep data processing will be more optimal. 
  2. The message logging capability implemented in wsa_debug.* is suspected to cause intermittent problems after hours of intense sweeping activity. To avoid potential issues, disable message logging using “DEBUGLEVEL DNO” in wsa_debug.h. 
  3. The source code has only been partially documented using Doxygen. 

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