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1 Introduction 

This article describes the minor release versions 1.5.4 of the C++ language application programming interface (API) for ThinkRF Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA) products. See the “Change Log.txt” included in the release package for the record of the current and past releases. 

The release package consists of Microsoft Windows Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs, suitable for both 32-bit and 64-bit software) and the DLL interface header file wsaInterface.h. 

This version is compatible with the following RTSA products with the associated models 408, 408P, 418, 427: 

  • R5500 / R5550 / R5700 / R5750 
  • Legacy products WSA5000 

See the API Reference Guide included in the “Documentation” folder of the release package for usage and function details. 

2 Fixed Defects 

The following issues are fixed in this version: 

  1. Included a fix mentioned in the C API v3.8.3 release. 

3 New Features 

The following new features and capabilities were added: 

  1. Added 3 new high-level functions to facilitate streaming: 
    1. wsaStreamStartWithID() 
    2. wsaStreamStop() 
    3. wsaCaptureStreamTraceAndContext() 
      And updated streamExample.cpp to use these new functions. 
  2. Added sample_loss_indicator to the vrt_context struct as it's made available in R55x0 firmware v1.6.3 & R57x0 v1.1.0. 
  3. Added "Quick Start with Examples" section in the Reference Guide. 

4 Other Changes 

The following other changes were made: 

  1. Included changes mentioned in the C API v3.8.3 release. 
  2. The #include for C headers now have "include\" added (for example #include "include\ wsa_api.h" in wsaInterface.h). Might have to adjust (simplify the reference paths in your Visual Studio’s in the Properties settings. 
  3. Simplified some trace capture examples to use high-level functions instead. 
  4. Added/improved some functions' documentation in wsaInterface.h and also the Reference Guide document. 

5 Known Issues and Limitations 

The following are the known limitations or other issues present in this version: 

  1. No Windows Properties information is available for the DLL. 
  2. Usage of some sweep's RBWs (such as 2kHz) for wsa_capture_power_spectrum() could result in a slow sweep (when compared to 1kHz) due to the FFT function usage that is not optimized for non-power of 2 FFT length. Hence, when RBW values that give raise to FFT length at or closer to power of 2, the sweep data processing will be more optimal. 

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