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1 Introduction 

This article describes versions 4.2.0 release of the MATLAB API for ThinkRF Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA). The release package is included in a compressed zip folder. 

The API is set to run with \include\Dll\rtsaInterface.dll, a 64-bit version. To use the API in 32-bit MATLAB, copy the DLL files from \include\Dllx32 to \include\Dll folder. See the API Reference Guide included in \documentation folder as a starting point. 

This version is compatible with all ThinkRF R5xx0 products, including R55x0 (all models) and R57x0 (all models). 

2 Fixed Defects 

The following issues are fixed in the version: 

  1. Included fixes mentioned in the C++ API DLL v1.5.4 release. 

3 New Features 

The following new features and capabilities were added: 

  1. Added 3 new high-level functions to facilitate streaming: 
    1. streamStart() 
    2. streamStop() 
    3. streamTraceCaptureAndContext() 
  2. Added a stream capture example that makes use of the new functions. 
  3. Added maxhold & power measurement "Enable" option for SweepDeviceExample.mlapp GUI. 

4 Other Changes 

The following other changes were made: 

  1. Updated the API to work with C++ API DLL v1.5.4. 
  2. "s_contextPkt" struct output parameter (of DLL's vrt_context) now has sample_loss_indicator to indicate if there're data loss between the current stream's packet and the previous. 
  3. Reorganized the 'include' folder as the #include of the header rtsaInterface.h had changed. 
  4. Improved some examples, example GUIs, and Reference Guide accordingly. 

5 Known Issues and Limitations 


Download MATLAB API v4.2.0

View release notes