1. thinkRF Corp will download the purchased software onto the laptop/tablet for the customer prior to delivery.
  2. The customer will connect to their supported SDR receiver.
  3. The customer will then follow the instructions below needed to activate and run the Kestrel software.
    1. Open Analyzer Control
    2. Click the receiver
    3. Click connect
    4. Submit the CRC code to technical support
  4. The customer will require an ASK license form PDTG which is generated from the CRC code for the host computer and receiver.
  5. PDTG will send the license key to the customer for input into the ADD ASK window located under the Acquisition Menu.
  6. Once the ASK is set, return to the Analyzer Control and press on connect tab for the receiver to complete the activation.
  7. Close and reopen the application.