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This article describes the release versions 3.0.2-3.0.4 of the PyRF3 Python language Application Programming Interface (API) for command, control and data acquisition using ThinkRF Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer products. 

The release package consists of the *.egg files for installation, source code, documentation with installation instructions, and examples. See the API Reference Guide included in the “documentation” folder of the release package for usage and function details. 

This version of the API is compatible with all ThinkRF R55x0 and R57x0 products. 

Fixed Defects 

The following issues are fixed in this version. 

  1. Corrected DD's PASS_BAND_CENTER to be 0 (not at half the operating bandwidth). 
  2. When used sweep-device in DD range (0-50MHz), capture_power_spectrum() now returned only the data of the requested range (i.e. not the full 62.5MHz). 
  3. Fixed capture_time_domain() and compute_spp_ppb() to handle decimation properly. 
  4. Fixed adjust_usable_fstart_fstop() and compute_usable_bins() to handle DD's range properly. 
  5. Fixed trim_to_usable_fstart_fstop() to handle DD's data range. 
  6. Fixed capture_spectrum() to handle decimation and frequency shift properly when used and to stitch packets in a block properly. 
  7. Corrected some functions' comment. 
  8. Fixed peak calculation in some examples. 

New Features 

The following new features and capabilities were added to this version. 

    1. Added to sweep-device the ability to handle more than one packet per block (hence allows for smaller RBWs down to 1 Hz). 

**Warning**: usage of small RBWs (in the Hz range) could cause very slow sweep time due to the large data points for processing. 

Other Changes

The following changes were made. 

        1. Adjusted sweep-device's frequencies to the tuning resolution. 

        2. Changed MIN_FREQ to be 100kHz as data below this range is not usable. 

        3. Added checking throughout the API for improper decimation used with HDR. 

        4. Improved SCPI set/get handling. 

        5. Improved trace stream start handling. 

        6. Improved SPP & PPB input value handling. 

        7. Corrected installation instructions and some information in the Reference Guide 

        8. Added usage information into examples and improved some examples. 

Known Issues and Limitations 


Download PyRF3 API v3.0.2-3.0.4 

View Release Notes in PDF form