Download the firmware v1.1.5 in the attachment.

Refer to the instruction here for how to do a firmware update.

Software Release Notes – R57x0 Firmware Version 1.1.5 

February 04, 2021


This document describes version 1.1.5 of the firmware for the ThinkRF R57x0 family of real-time spectrum analyzers. It is distributed as a single binary file, ThinkRF_R57x0_firmware_v1-1-5.img. 

This version of the R57x0 firmware is compatible with all ThinkRF R57x0 products, including R5700 (all models) and R5750 (all models). 

Fixed Defects 

• N/A 

New Features 

  • Added support for two new GNSS SCPI commands 
    :GNSS:DYNamic:MODE <0,2-8> 

    This allows the user to change the GNSS’s navigation modes. Refer to the R57x0 Programmer's Guide for further information, including usage details. 

Known Issues and Limitations 

No known issues or limitations.