thinkRF's libtrf library is a multi-platform API library that can be used for interfacing with existing  thinkRF RTSA devices (R5xx0) and will be maintained into the future to support interfacing with all presently supported and future thinkRF devices. 

In addition to device support, the library will be constantly evolved to provide sophisticated signal processing capabilities (such as AM/FM demodulation, channel power, occupied BW, to name a few) that can be easily integrated into end-user's application code. 

The library is currently released as builds for Microsoft windows 64-bit (.h/.dll) and Linux (.h/.so) for both x86_64 (Intel/AMD) and aarch64 (ARM v8+) targets. The interface is presented as undecorated ‘C’ compatible with the C99 (ISO/IEC 9899:1999) and later standards.

The release v1.5.0 (download here) has many new features, important changes and fixes. Refer to the included "Reference Manual" and "Release Notes" in the "doc" folder of the attached zip folder for more details and its usage.