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Download S1000 v1.0.0 (to be used with as mentioned in UG and s1000 Agent printout )


This document describes the first release information of thinkRF S1000 Spectraware software, version 1.0.0. Its distribution consists of 2 parts: 

  • An S1000_Agent_v1.0.0_Installer executable which installs the S1000 Agent backend binary to the user’s computer; and 
  • The front-end GUI web-application called, which currently supports the following browsers: 
    • Microsoft Edge v97 or higher; or 
    • Chrome v108.x.x or higher And requires internet for it to work. 

Refer to the ‘S1000 Spectraware User Guide’ document for full usage details, especially the “Getting Started” section. This document is also accessible through the web GUI’s Help menu. 

This version supports all thinkRF’s RTSA R55x0/R57x0 products with 408/418/427 models. 

New Features 

  1. S1000 GUI and Spectrum Analyzer feature as provided. 


The following other change(s) were made in version 1.0.0: 

  1. NA. 

Fixed Defects 

The following issue(s) are fixed in version 1.0.0: 

  1. NA. 

Known Issues and Limitations 

The following are the known limitations or other issues present in these versions. 

  1. The current version does not support standalone offline usage. This will be addressed in a future release. 
  2. The current design supports only one instance of S1000 browser page opened at any moment, whether running or not. 
  3. When connecting to a remote device over VPN, users might experience some performance issue. In a near future release, MTU control with S1000 for managing the network packet size will be provided. 
  4. When running S1000 Windows installer, a trusted software warning will be issued. Proceeds with the installation. The installer will be certified in the future release. 
  5. R55xx/R57xx - Between 30MHz and 50MHz centre frequencies, it is not possible to stream a full 40MHz IFBW as IQ data (time domain). This issue is due to a known issue from S1000’s underlaying libtrf API. 
  6. As RTSA devices do not support multiple users simultaneously, simultaneous multiple instances of the S1000 application are not supported. The last user’s accessing the device will have the control and data capture. The previous S1000 instance will go into an error state.

Download Release Notes

Download S1000 v1.0.0