Download Spectraware v1.1.1 Standalone for Windows 

Download Spectraware v1.1.1 Standalone for Linux 

The web version is available upon request

1 Introduction

This document describes the release information of thinkRF S1000 Spectraware software, version 1.1.1. The software comes in 2 distribution versions:

  • Standalone (on-premises) distribution:
    • Windows: S1000_Spectraware_1.1.1_Standalone_Windows.exe
    • Linux: S1000_Spectraware_1.1.1_Standalone_linux.deb
  • Web-version distribution, requires the internet:
    • Windows: S1000_Spectraware_1.1.1_Web_Windows.exe
    • Linux: S1000_Spectraware_1.1.1_Web_linux.deb

Refer to the ‘S1000 Spectraware User Guide' document for installation instructions and full usage details, especially the “Getting Started” section. This document is also accessible through the web GUI’s Help menu.

This version supports all thinkRF’s RTSA R55x0/R57x0 products with 408/418/427 models.

2 Enhancements

The following other changes were made: 

  1. Updated a third-party license
  2. Updated libtrf to v1.5.3