R5500 Improvements relative to the WSA5000.

WSA5000 was
R5500 is
Improved sweep rates
6.5GHz/s (@10 kHz RBW and 40 MHz IBW)
28GHz/s (@10 kHz RBW and 40 MHz IBW)

  • Enables faster measurements across larger spans
  • improves the likelihood of capturing signals of interest, especially for short duration signals 
Improved streaming rates32 Mbit/s360 Mbit/s
  • Enables deeper analysis of signals
  • Enables real-time demodulation for analog bandwidths up to 10 MHz
Extended the lower end of frequency range100kHz9kHz
  • Broadens the scope of application to include certain applications such as EMC test
Increased the granularity of the step attenuator0, 20 dB0, 10, 20, 30 dB
  • Enables improved control of front-end input signal to enable larger operating range
HIF output made a standard optionNoYes
  • Enables use of an external radio receiver
  • Enables use of R5500 as a down-converter for faster, full bandwidth, loss-less stream performance

Please also refer to ThinkRF R5500 Programmer's Guide -> “R5500 vs. WSA5000List of Changes" section.