You must install the following Keysight software on your PC before installing the ThinkRF E300 Enabler:

  • Keysight 89600 VSA software, Version 22.21 or later
  • Keysight Connection Expert (part of the IO Libraries suite), Version 2018 Update 1 or later
  • Keysight Multi-vendor Hardware Connectivity (Option 301)

Installing the Keysight VSA 89600 Software

You can download and install the Keysight 89600 VSA software and the Multi-vendor Hardware Connectivity (Option 301) from the Keysight Technologies website.

For detailed instructions, including licensing requirements, visit the Keysight VSA 89600 software page.

Make sure your local PC account has administrative privileges before installing the software.

Installing the Keysight Connection Expert

The Keysight Connection Expert is one of the utilities included in the Keysight IO Libraries suite, and is used to discover devices on the local network.

You can download and install the IO Libraries suite from the Keysight IO Libraries page.