When you have installed the Keysight software and the ThinkRF E300 Enabler, you must use the Keysight Connection Expert to discover the ThinkRF R5xx0 device(s) on the local subnet.

Note: ThinkRF devices use High-Speed LAN Instrument Protocol (HiSLIP), a TCP/IP-based protocol for remote control of LAN-based test and measurement instruments.

  1. Launch the Keysight Connection Expert application.

  2. In the Keysight Connection Expert dashboard, click on the Add button, then select LAN instrument from the drop-down menu.

    The system opens the Add a LAN device window that displays all discovered devices on the local subnet.

  3. In the Add a LAN device window, select an Rxx00 device from the list of detected devices and click OK.

  4. If your device is not listed, is connected wirelessly to the subnet, or has a public IP address, click on the Enter Address tab.

  5. On the Enter Address tab, enter the device IP address and select the HiSlip protocol, then click OK.

    The application displays the connected devices in the Instruments tab (under “My Instruments). When you click on a device in the list, the device details appear in the right-side pane.