The Keysight VSA has a default Analyzer configuration profile that is enabled when you launch the application.

The first time you use the Keysight VSA application with a R5500 device, you must create a configuration profile for the R5500 device you are using, as described in the following section.

Creating the ThinkRF Analyzer Configuration

Before you can monitor signal data from the R5500 device, you must add a hardware configuration profile for this device.

  1. In the VSA application menu bar, open the Utilities menu, and select the Hardware > Configurations … option from the drop-down menu.

  2. In the Hardware window, click on the Add button to add a new hardware configuration.

  3. In the New Hardware Configuration window:

    1. Select the ThinkRF R5500 entry in the Possible Logical Instruments pane, and click the “>” arrow to add it to the Configuration pane.

    2. Leave the default values in the Select the instrument(s) to use field.

    3. Specify a name for your analyzer in the Name the configuration field.

    4. Click OK to create the hardware configuration.
      The ThinkRF Analyzer configuration appears in the Configurations tab.

    5. In the Current Analyzer Configuration field, select the new ThinkRF R5500 device from the drop-down menu.

    6. Close the Hardware window.
      The VSA spectrum display shows signal data from the R5500 device.