The recommended torque setting for all SMA connectors is 45 An example of a torque wrench that can be used for this is Huber-Suhner P/N 74 Z-0-0-79.

Preventing RF Connectors Damage

When connecting to an RF connector, whether it is BNC, SMA or Flange connector, it is important that proper care and connector connection practice is used to prevent irreversible damage to the connector and its port.

Caution: When mating/demating the connectors,
- Do: align the mating connectors properly to prevent damaging the center pin, make preliminary connection lightly, use correct torque spanner for the final connection
- Do not: apply bending force to connection, over-tighten to a connector on the jack or overturn point of the torque wrench. Using incorrect torque wrench, wrench, pliers or even your hand to over-tighten a connector can cause permanent damage to a D2030.