This is a English/Chinese languages version.

This FAQ will walk you through how to use ThinkRF R5500 HIF function.

此文将简单阐述如何使用ThinkRF R5500的HIF功能

Running other programs(such as S240, APIs) with the same R5500 unit will cause conflicts.


  1. Users can use direct connection via USB cable, or Telnet method to connect to R5500 unit, this example is using USB cable.
    通过USB 数据线 或者Telnet连到R5500,此文例子将使用USB数据线来联络R5500(用户也可用Ethernet线通过Telnet来连接R5500)

  2. When PUTTY is connected to R5500, use "idn?" to verify the connection.

  3. Use ":OUTPUT:MODE HIF" to set the output mode as HIF
    Use ":OUTPUT:MODE?" to verify mode change has made

    使用":OUTPUT:MODE HIF"将输出模式调成HIF

  4. Set input mode, in this case, we use SH mode(40MHz span)
    Use ":INPUT:MODE:SH" to set input mode as SH mode
    Use ":INPUT:MODE?" to verify if setup successes

    选择输入模式,此文例子使用SH模式(40MHz Span)
    使用":INPUT:MODE:SH"将输入模式设置成SH 模式

  5. In this example, 1000MHz is used as input frequency, set signal generate at 1000MHz with -30dBm
    此例子用1000 MHz作为输入信号频率。设置信号发生器的输出信号为1000MHz/-30dBm

  6. After knowing the input frequency, set R5500 center frequency to 1000MHz. Use SCPI ":SENSe:FREQuency:CENTer 1000000000" and verify it by send “:SENSe:FREQuency:CENTer?”
    当知道输入信号频率后,需要将R5500调到1000MHz。通过使用SCPI命令":SENSe:FREQuency:CENTer 1000000000",并通过“:SENSe:FREQuency:CENTer?”进行核实。

  7. Every center frequency corresponding to its own IF frequency, use SCPI “:SENSe:FREQuency:IF? -1” to check its IF frequency.
    由于不同的中心频率会对应不同的IF输出频率,通过SCPI命令“:SENSe:FREQuency:IF? -1”来查看相对应的IF输出频率。

  8. Set External spectrum analyzer/digitizer center frequency to 1819MHz, choose applicable span (such as 40Mhz), a signal at -41dBm can be seen (each R5500 may varies)
    将外接的spectrum analyzer中心频率调到1819MHz,span可以选择适用的(比如40MHz),此时将在频谱仪上看到一个信号在-41dBm左右(每台R5500会有略微不同的读数显示)。

  9. ThinkRF can provide a generic HIF Gain Table, if users need unit specific HIF gain table, please inform sales at the time of ordering, otherwise unit need to be returned to Think'RF, or user can generate their own gain table.
    ThinkRF可以提供一个通用的HIF的Gain Table,但如果用户需要对应某台机子的HIF gain table,那需要在订货的时候告知,或者将现有的机子返厂给我们生成这个gain table。用户自己也可以生成自己的gain table。

    If any questions, please feel free to contact