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This document describes version 1.6.5 of the firmware for the ThinkRF R55x0 family of real-time spectrum analyzers. It is distributed as a single binary file, ThinkRF_R55x0_firmware_v1-6-5.img. 

This version of the R55x0 firmware is compatible with all ThinkRF R55x0 products, including R5500 (all models) and R5550 (all models). 

Fixed Defects 

  1. Fixed an issue with insufficient input validation. 
  2. Fixed an issue where STREAM:STOP would hang for 10 seconds. 
  3. When selecting NTP with one time synchronization, a wrong server would be selected. Now correctly selects NTP server 1. 
  4. Fixed a race condition relating to DMA data handling which could cause the device to become non-responsive. 
  5. Corrected an edge case where the incorrect reference level would be sent. This would occur if there were two or more entries with different attenuator settings between them. The sweep would go to the next entry and output a reference level which took into account the old attenuator level. 
  6. VRT extension contexts now report the correct packet type 5. Previously, all context packets reported a type of 4. 
  7. The context field change Identifier (bit 31st) in the context field is now set and used as per the VRT specification. 
  8. Fixed :TRACE:BLOCK:PACKETS? MAX for DD from 512 to 1024 (no frequency fine-tuning). 

New Features 


Known Issues and Limitations 

No known issues or limitations.