thinkRF's RTSA R5xx0 is a hybrid receiver supporting these RF receiver front-end (RFE) technologies: 

  • super-heterodyne: SH (40 MHz), SHN (narrow SH, 10 MHz), and HDR (High Dynamic Range, 100 kHz) modes; 
  • direct-conversion: ZIF (zero-IF, 100 MHz) mode; and
  • direct-digitization: DD (50 MHz) mode.

Each of the RFE mode has different bandwidths, performance and data output format.  

Refer to the attached document for the BW explanation and examples of when to use which.

Refer to Table 2 of R55x0 Programmer's Guide or R57x0 Programmer's Guide for each data format, as well the frequency range applied to each mode.

If you plan to use DD mode, refer also to this article