Note: Known issue when using HIF with firmware 1.6.7

Download ThinkRF R5500/R5550 firmware v1.6.7 in the attachment.

Refer to the instruction here for how to do a firmware update.


This document describes version 1.6.7 of the firmware for the ThinkRF R55x0 family of real-time

spectrum analyzers. It is distributed as a single binary file, ThinkRF_R55x0_firmware_v1-6-7.img.

This version of the R55x0 firmware is compatible with all ThinkRF R55x0 products, including R5500

(all models) and R5550 (all models).

Fixed Defects

  1. Implements a fix for when recently manufactured units were failing frequency tests due to a power-on sequencing error of one of the PLLs.
  2. Implements a fix for lock ups in HiSlip connections.

New Features

• N/A

Known Issues and Limitations

Known issue when using HIF with firmware 1.6.7