This section will step you through updating the R55x0 firmware. The firmware install file contains firmware images associated with the R55x0 FPGA, Linux operating system and the embedded application. The process of updating will copy the new images to the R55x0 in addition to and without erasing the current installed images. The new install will only take effect upon the R55x0 being restarted.

Note: Updating firmware might over-write any user-defined calibrated values, contact support for more information.


1.    Connect to the R55x0 Administration Console by entering the IP address of your R55x0 into a web browser's web address dialog. The IP address is shown in the S240 software as the connected device. The following "Status" web page should appear providing information on the R55x0's MAC address, hardware and software versions.

2.    Click on the "Firmware Install" link in the left column menu of the administrative console. The following "Firmware Install" web page should appear.

Warning: Do not unplug the R55x0 during a firmware update or the device may become inoperable.

3.    Enter or browse to the location of the "ThinkRF_R55x0_firmware_vX.Y.Z.img" (or similar *.img) firmware image file and then click the "Install" button.
When the firmware image for the intended product version is installed, the following "Firmware Install" web page should appear which will step through the progression of the firmware being uploaded and installed.

4.    Upon completion, the following web dialog box should appear. Press the "OK" button to restart the R55x0 or "Cancel" to defer restarting until a later time.


  • If the R55x0 is not restarted immediately after a firmware install process, then the newly installed firmware will take effect upon the next restart of the R55x0 regardless of whether it is a software restart or a power-on reset.

  • In addition, the boot up might take over a minute when there are new changes to the calibration setup or Auto-IP connection method is used.