The R55x0 provides options for selecting whether the R55x0 IP address is obtained dynamically using DHCP or is set manually to a static address.

Caution: Please note that if the R55x0 IP address is set to static IP then the only way to communicate with the R55x0 is over the network via that IP address or via the USB console. Hence, if you mistakenly enter the wrong IP address and/or subnet mask, or forget the IP address, then you can query/reconfigure the IP settings via the USB console as described below or perform a hardware reset  to put the IP back to the factory DHCP default configuration.

  1. Follow the instructions of install the USB drivers on your PC and connect to the USB console.
  2. Enter the following SCPI commands, press enter after each line and substitute in
    the appropriate IP address configuration for your R55x0:

:SYST:COMM:LAN:IP <IP address>
:SYST:COMM:LAN:GATE <gateway address>
:SYST:COMM:LAN:NETM <netmask address>
:SYST:COMM:LAN:DNS <DNS address>[,DNS address 2]

The illustration below is an example of IP configuration through the USB console using PuTTY (or the equivalent serial terminal console).