This article provides the step to step instructions to set up a remote access unit. 

Case one: I have an R5550-427 at home, I would like to make it available for my co-work who works in another city. 

Please be advised that any device made public on the internet may pose a potential security issue, this is only a guideline of how to make a ThinkRF device for remote access, it is up to users to secure the connections such as putting a firewall.  

  1. Use google to get Your public IP address
  2. Access your modem setup page, consult your ISP or network admin if you are not sure how to access it.
  3. Find the Networking setting -> Port Forwarding
  4. Set LAN(internal) port 37000 and port 37001 available for WAN access. Please ensure WAN(External) access ports are also 37000 and 37001. Internal port 80 may also needed for ThinkRF device webpage GUI access. Port 37000 and 37001 are for data access.
  5. You may now use S240v5 or a terminal software to access the unit via its IP address. 

Case Two: I have an R5550-427 at the workplace, I would like to make it available for my co-work who works in another city, and access to it via its dedicate public static IP address.

  1. Contact your Network Admin to get the following information.
    1. Public Static IP address
    2. Netmask
    3. Gateway
    4. DNS Server 1
    5. DNS Server 2
  2. Follow Configure the R55x0's static IP address through its USB console to setup IP address.

Contact support if needs further assistance.