WBIQ version with 160MHz bandwidth cannot be processed by the on-board Analog-to-digital converter. It is intended for use with external digitizers only and it interfaces with such devices across the analog output. It cannot produce a wideband digitized output over the Ethernet port. 

When users use S240v5 as a software GUI tool, it will not work with the WBIQ even though users may still tune the R5550 but the result displayed on the GUI is incorrect. 

There is only one mode that can be used through the onboard digitizer for the WBIQ option model, which is SHN (10MHz bandwidth) mode. In this case, it is over the Giga Ethernet port. Users will have to use an older version of S240 to run it. Customers often use this SHN mode as a reference to apply the gain correction to the analog output.

Users may use ThinkRF S240 v4.3.0 Real-Time Spectrum Analysis Software to control the WBIQ and as a reference to compare with your code. 

To use the "analog" mode, users need to set the IBW at 40MHz or 100MHz in the S240.